Fork and Knife – Boca Raton


Tonight, we wanna eat a little fancy so we go to Fork and Knife in Boca Raton. We eat fried calamari, steak tips, a turkey meatloaf with mashed potato “frosting”, chicken pot pie, ‘popcorn’ style corn on the cob and to top it all off, fried apple wontons. Of course, I washed it down with a stiff Shirley Temple. If you have never tried it I highly recommend it.  Always with extra cherries.  Honestly, my favorite was the chicken pot pie, though everything was AMAZING. The turkey meatloaf was good and it wasn’t dry. The mashed potato was nice and creamy. The calamari was a good temperature and it had lemon and hot marinara sauce. The steak tips were juicy, delicious and tenders. The fried apple wontons were crunchy on the outside and full of apple pie filling on the inside. The only thing that disappointed me was that everything took FOREVER on a busy day. I would rate the restaurant 4 out of 5 stars.  I highly recommend it for the fancy food lovers.


—Amelia Frias

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