Aromas de Peru

Tonight, we go a little foreign on our meals. So we decide to take a little trip to Peru. Here is a detailed list of some of the scrumptious food we ate there:

imageLomo Saltado

The  steak and rice  make  a  fabulous  sauce. It is good  when  you mix the flavors. Lomo Saltado was meat, rice, french fries, onions, and tomatoes.image

Tacu Tacu con Lomo Saltado

When you eat it all together it taste better. It’s kind of like a bean patty with the Lomo Saltado on top, though there are many other things you can put on top. It’s really good.

imageThe Appetizer Bread

The bread is the first thing served and it is very well made and toasted. The sauce is very tasty, almost like a garlic, but you have to be careful when eating it! It is a little spicy.

image                 The Ceviche de Pescado y Camarones and The Jalea de Mariscos

The ceviche has lots of good flavors. The jalea de  mariscos was not my  favorite but my sisters liked it.

– Catalina Frias

– Edited by: Elise and Amelia Frias

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