Carnival Cruise Gets Crazy Cool!!

image      Bri, Tyler, Elise (Me), Ami, Cata: The 5 Cruise-Crazy Chums!

Of course, as kids, I boarded the Carnival Glory fantasizing about burgers and ice cream and ended up leaving thinking about frog legs and Huevos Rancheros. This sounds odd, and some kids might be afraid to try these things but don’t worry. I’m a kid too and I did the testing for you. You are good to go! Various scrumptious exotic treats reached out to my awaiting senses. To begin with our examples, I would like to start it off with one of my favorite delicacies… FROG LEGS!! It tasted just like a smaller, (yet by FAR) tastier chicken!imageAs you can see in this picture, we viciously devoured the frog legs.

Now as we switch to breakfast for a bit, I would like to introduce… FROSTED FLAKE COVERED FRENCH TOAST!! I was over the moon for this! The best part was that the cereal was optional! Various cereals were listed to be baked on the french toast. Talk about fun for all!imageNo comment except: YUMMMMMMMMMM!!!! This was Bri and Tyler’s Dad, Ryan’s dish but we barely let him touch it. All the kids ate it.

From toast to a toast! A certainly palatable sip of mango juice along with champagne (or just sprite for the kids). This and a Virgin Miami Vice were the best drinks I had on the cruise.imagePractically Perfect!

Still on breakfast, there was the station of heaven. In other words, the make-your-own-omelette station. Below is a picture of nothing less than happiness on a plate next to the cheesy joy of cheese grits.

imageEvery word I spoke of this was true.

Continuing on the subject of the first meal of the day we have the Huevos Rancheros. My little sister Cata’s favorite, and one of the best meals on the Carnival Glory. My little sister Cata is a Mexican at heart, which explains here patriotism to the Mexican-like meal.

imageThis is chicken, a fried egg, a tortilla, different Mexican sauces on the side, and pure melt-in-your-mouth love.


And finally last, but certainly not the least, my favorite food all the way from the shores of Grand Turk.. Jack’s Shack!! This place makes the most delectable, lip-smacking, toothsome, succulent, finger-licking, heavenly fried conch and butterflied shrimp. You can’t go to Jack’s Shack and get anything else. The conch probably sounds atrocious to most kids. I, for one, do not like seafood that much. But this conch was one of my favorite things… EVER. Make sure to visit this place if you can. It is a little farther down the beach, past the beach chairs for the tourist. That’s all for now, but I hope I can post more things soon! Bye!

imageA Jack’s Shack employee working his magic behind the scene!

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