Great Grilled Cheese!

imageJust grilled cheese? I don’t think so.

This place in Fort Lauderdale is perfect after a hard day of work. Just sit down and relax a yummy grilled cheese in one hand nice, cold iced tea in the other. Absolutely wonderful together, I believe. All the grilled cheese coming with a side of creamy, rich, delicious tomato and basil soup. The grilled cheeses that we got were the Manhatten Grilled Mac ‘n Cheese, which we ordered with scrambled eggs, the Brooklyn Porkster, which was  fantastic by itself and Elise DEVOURED it( I only got a bite), the SoHo Sweet Cheeses, also magnificent and the Wall Street, which we ordered with mac’n cheese inside of it. We ordered it with an extra side of Poutine Fries, but I didn’t get to try it because Cati ate it all it was so good! It fabulously ended the day and i couldn’t have been more grateful to have found out about it. 🙂

Written by: Amelia Frias

Edited by: Elise Frias

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