Roasters n’ Toasters

imageSlurping up some Matzo Ball soup over at Roasters n’ Toasters

After a boring appointment at the doctor, with Elise complaining about her head ache and stomach pains and Ami’s declarations of boredom, it was nice to get some Matzo Ball soup and potato pancakes into our system. The place to do it was Roasters n’ Toasters in the Pinecrest suburb of Miami. The soup absorbed by the Matzo Ball sank into my tongue  as I bit. The twisty, twirly noodles sprayed me with soup as I slurped them up. It was scrumptious.

imageDelicious, tangly noodles, crispy potato pancakes and BLTs!!

The potato pancakes were crispy and although my sisters enjoyed the sweet and sourness of the sour cream and apple sauce together, I prefer the sour cream. I savored every last bit of juice that seeped from the pancakes. The presentation of the dishes on the platter were absolutely stunning. The bacon, lettuce, and tomato were all crisp and fresh on the perfectly toasted whole-wheat bread.

image        Ami porking out and enjoying this potato pancake caked with apple sauce/ sour cream!

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