Get BurgerFi(ed)

After a long night of laughing at Alton Brown Live it was a relief to take a little walk down to one one the best burger joints I have ever visited. We decided to walk down to BurgerFi, in West Palm Beach’s CityPlace.

BurgerFi is not only a delicious place to eat, but it also carries a great atmosphere. The joint is very nicely decorated and the service is fast. The people that serve you are also very polite.


Back to the food. This is your classic burger place, but with a twist. As you know, some restaurants have a create your own burger option, but not like this. You get all the classics plus some extras like chili, a fried egg, bacon, and portabello mushrooms. There’s even more, though.


The burgers not only taste good, but are (in my opinion) beautifully crafted. The bread is toasted to perfection and smack on top, “BURGERFI” is engraved into the bun just to clarify that, yes, this indeed is the work of the geniuses at BurgerFi. So, what are you waiting for?! Go get BurgerFi(ed)!


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