Home-Made Marvels


Today three back-to-back ‘no homework’s explode from the teeny little mouths in the car. You know what that means. No homework and today we are having four cheese turkey meatball sub on garlic bread! Actually it was more like seven cheese because the shredded cheese was four cheese plus the other cheeses. Everything was homemade. It was the perfect Italian dinner night. Also, don’t forget the mozzarella cheese and tomato salad on the side. Just olive oil, salt, fresh mozzarella and perfectly diced small tomatoes. This is just one idea you can use.

Yesterday was taco night, so you know the drill. It was make-your-own-taco time. We decided to make special tacos you can recognize as “Gorditas”. But instead of cheese sauce, we used black refried beans. We smothered a tortilla with the stuff and stuck a taco shell on. From there we just stacked everything we could find in the hard shells. Usually, Wednesday is taco night with dad and if we don’t have our Wednesday taco nights it’s not a Wednesday, but today we did a very rare and special taco night with mom, the mother of most of our homemade posts, and her boyfriend. Everything was splendid! This was our Mexican night and idea number two.

Remember that this is only a couple of ideas and you can get creative yourself at home and in the kitchen. I’m Elise Frias, signing out

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