Leftover Munchies

When life gives you leftovers, make empanadas and mini pizzas. My mom meal prepped for the week so we would have something to eat for lunch at school that’s healthy. But when there was picadillo left over, we decided to make picadillo and cheese empanadas with Pillsbury Grand! Flaky Layers Butter Tastin’ flavor.

There was some dough left over, though. So, we decided to make mini Pillsbury pizzas. All we did was flatten the dough and put sauce and cheese on it. Sort of like a modified Lunchables mini pizza!

These are just a few family friendly and easy recipes you can make at home with some leftovers you may have. Oh, and don’t like picadillo? That’s ok. You can substitute it with chili, or any meat! I’m Elise Frias, signing out.

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