Welcome to Barley!

Another weekend, another adventure for the three little forks. This week’s journey lead us to Barley (9059 sw 73 ct. Miami Fl, 33156 Metropolis Condo 305-397-8678). We ordered fish & chips, mac ‘n’ cheese, roasted cauliflower, and gnocchi. The fish & chips were fresh and crispy.  They didn’t taste fishy at all.  My sisters and I like to eat our fish & chips (which isn’t chips at all but french fries) with Malt Vinegar or Lemon.  I strongly suggest you try this at least once.  It really does change the experience.  Malt Vinegar is how my mom says they eat fish & chips in England which is where the dish is from.

The mac ‘n’ cheese was not your typical homemade mac ‘n’ cheese. They added bread crumbs and all sorts of delicious seasonings. It was made with melted American cheese and was astonishingly creamy. The cauliflower was drizzled with a nice honey mustard sort of sauce and there was a perfect crunch when you would munch into it. It was seasoned with just the right amount of salt and pepper and I would love to try it again some time soon. The gnocchi was cooked to a sort of soft creaminess and was lightly seasoned but I would not recommend it.

The service was great, and I LOVED the mac ‘n’ cheese, but there was a slight disappointment in the gnocchi. I honestly thought it was a little too sweet, and they should have added a bit more salt. Although, I do recommend the fish & chips and the roasted cauliflower. I think that many kids would enjoy this restaurant and it was truly a great meal. Here are some pictures I took myself of the food:

nom, nom, nom – Amelia J. Frias



The crispy, well-cooked fish & chips,


The munch, crunchy cauliflower,


The soft, nice, enjoyable gnocchi,


And finally, the cheesy, creamy, mac ‘n’ cheese.

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