Açai bowl madness!

Today, our fate led us to the delicious and nutritious Raw South Juice co., 9804 SW 77th Avenue, Miami, FL. We stopped by here for a snack and ordered a Monkey Bowl and a Tropical Treat. It tasted like ice cream and a smoothie at the same time.

The Monkey Bowl was açai berry, peanut butter, bananas, and coconut water, like a sort of jungle themed ice cream smoothie thing but it was healthy for you unlike regular ice cream that just makes you feel sick when you’re done with it.


  The Tropical Treat was different from the other dish but is just as pleasing and refreshing. It is a blend of açai berry, mango, pineapple, banana, and coconut water. It wasn’t too sweet thanks to the citrusy pineapple and not too over poweringly sour because of it.


  Don’t be fooled that this is all I wanted to eat on the menu because I was craving a Berry Dream or a Quinoa Veggie Mix or even a nice green salad. Then again, it was only a snack so I wasn’t allowed!

nom nom nom, Amelia Frias

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