Pie? Heaven? What’s the difference?

Papa Cherry, you really have done it. He managed to squeeze perfection into a jar! We were strolling through the Wynwood Life Festival when, all of a sudden, we come across this stand selling pies in jars. We bought lots of delicious flavors!

“What could we possibly do with all these flavors?” we thought. Then, a pie-tasting fest crossed our minds. We decided to hold our very own. We passed around the pies, the rated them and wrote comments. For example, no one really favored the s’mores. The cinnamon was overpowering. On the other hand, all but the youngest (Cata) picked apple as their #1. The buttery, spiced sense of relaxation on a warm summer day really captured everyone. Even she had it as her 2nd favorite. Also Bri who doesn’t like apples!

These are the results gathered. The numbers are the places (1st place, 2nd place, 3rd place, etc.).

Overall, Papa Cherry’s is the place to call for any event or gift needed for friends, family, teachers (it’s teacher appreciation week at my school), etc. It is a great way to bring the family together and it’s for everyone. Remember to follow them on instagram @opapacherryo or check out their website www.papacherryinajar.com for more information.


I’m Elise Frias, signing out



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