No Name Pub (Good… if you can find it!)


                              *Notice our three little forks dollar! 😉

Recently, I was down in Key West to celebrate my birthday. Eventually came the drive back home. While you are driving by, you might notice some great dining choices. One such place is the No Name Pub. When passing by Big Pine Key on your drive home, keep your eyes peeled for this place. A place you don’t want to miss. No Name Pub is an eccentric little hidden pizzeria. “Why so eccentric?” you ask. Well you’ll notice that as soon as you walk in the place is decorated. With MONEY!! Anyways, there are so many things on the menu to try, and all so delicious!!!


To begin, my mom has recently been diagnosed with a something called Celiac Disease, a disease where you can’t have any gluten, therefore making it harder for her to find something to order when we go out. Even worse, because some people go on gluten-free diets, no one takes you seriously! But at this restaurant they have specifically started making a gluten-free pizza that’s even available with most of the regular yet unique toppings. The pizza shown above is topped with pink shrimp and green chives! Actually quite scrumptious on a pizza! So if you have the same problem as her you can have if gluten-free, or you can order it on a regular pizza. I have come to believe that a restaurant’s ability to be open to so many different dietary needs is already impressive enough because you have to juggle it all. On top of that, No Name Pub’s food is still satisfyingly delicious!


This next one was my order because it has always been one of my favorite foods: Fish and chips!! Firstly, no the chips are not actual chips, but french fries. This is because this is a British delicacy and in the United Kingdom (aka Great Britain), french fries are known as chips (Fact of the Day!). Anyways, this dish is a lot of food but is soo delicious! The breaded white fish was perfectly golden and barely greasy. If you really want to go traditional, try it with some malt vinegar (it’s really good that way). Considering that I am not a big fan of seafood in general, you can take it from me that this is something you should order if you happen to cross paths with No Name Pub.


As you can see, No Name Pub is somewhere you really should go if you ever pass by it. You’ll know your still in the Keys and that you can go see it if you ever happen to see one of these adorable yet endangered creatures named the Key Deer (as shown below).


Well, that’s it for today. Remember the name No Name Pub. Or I guess you can’t because there’s no name? Anyways:

This is Elise Frias, signing out!


*Remember to go to www.threelittleforks.com for more reports. About food of course!

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