Fragrant Flowers & Foreign Foods


“Light of the moon

Moves west, flowers’ shadows

Creep eastward”.

–Basho Matsuo, 15th Century Poet

This description perfectly fits the scenic gardens of serenity known as the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens in Boca Raton. So I ask you: What better place to hold a Japanese Lantern Festival? Flowers and food alike, that was something I’m sorry if you missed.


So my sisters and I love all the BuzzFeed videos where people try and react to strange foods and snacks from different countries.  We watch them endlessly and one of our favorites Americans Taste Japanese Snacks Part I & 2.   You can only imagine our excitement to find some of the foods featured in the videos available at this festival!  First of all, we tried four different Japanese snacks/food. In the picture above, we tried Ramune in 3 different flavors and we tried Matcha Green Tea Kit-Kats. The Ramune is almost like a Sprite. Although there were multiple flavors, we tried grape, strawberry, melon, orange, and original. All in all, Ami liked the melon one, while Cata and I preferred the strawberry. They also have a little marble you pop inside, so fun and delicious! Now, the Starbucks Matcha Green Tea Latte Kit-Kats I also very strongly recommend. They are perfect and crispy like every Kit-Kat should be, and they taste exactly like Matcha Green Tea, maybe a little sweeter, but somehow (because they couldn’t just put the powder on) they incorporate the slightest hint of chocolate, just enough. I highly recommend both of these things.


Two other things we had at the festival that, sadly, we forgot to take a picture of are an amazing chicken terriyaki bowl and mochi ice cream. The chicken terriyaki there was absolutely mouth-watering! Probably the best I’ve had, considering I haven’t actually been to Japan. Also, the mochi ice cream was out of this world! It has a chewy, almost gummy, outside which makes it great before you even get to the ice cream! The actual ice cream is creamy and smooth. We tried these in 3 different flavors: Matcha (my personal favorite), Cherry, and Red Bean. If you like the Matcha Kit-Kats, you will like the Matcha mocha and vice versa.


Again, between the scenery, the fun activities, and the food, I’m sorry if you either couldn’t make it, didn’t  know, or just didn’t want to go. If I were you, I’d go next year. Who knows? Maybe you might even see me?

I’m Elise Frias, Signing Out

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