Slurp! Pop! Pop! Recently, we went to a delicious place called Boba World, where they make boba smoothies, boba tea (hot or cold), boba smooth creams, ice creams, and power smoothies. You may wonder, “What is boba, anyways?” Well, there are two types of boba. Jelly boba and pop boba. Jelly boba comes in flavors like mango stars, strawberry, pineapple, lychee, coffee, grass, and rainbow. They’re chewy and are almost like gummies. Pop boba flavors are yogurt, lychee, strawberry, passionfruit, and mango. Pop boba erupt in your mouth with flavors galore when you bite them.

Here are some Pop Boba suggestions:

Coconut + Mango Pop Boba

Nutella + Yogurt Pop Boba

Green milk tea + Passionfruit Pop Boba

Green Apple ( Syrup) + Strawberry Pop Boba

Nutella Milk Tea + Yogurt Pop Boba

Here are some Jelly Boba suggestions:

Banana + Mango Stars Jelly Boba

Blueberry + Strawberry Jelly Boba

Peach + Mango Stars Jelly Boba

Mango + Strawberry Jelly Boba

Kiwi + Strawberry Jelly Boba


Above is Cata’s favorite Boba Smoothie, Coconut (Powder) + Strawberry Pop Boba.

Nom Nom Nom,

Amelia Frias

Your Fiesty Foody,

Cata la Rata

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