Ms. Cheezious

Imagine a crispy, gooey, messy grilled cheese with a sidekick of thick, flavorful tomato soup. Now, stop imagining. Ms. Cheezious is the best grilled cheese place around. Me and my sisters have recently gone to the grand opening of Ms. Cheezious in Coral Gables to review them. Ms. Cheeszious was a food truck before it was a restaurant, and this is the third resaraunt they have opened. We were not the only bloggers there, though! Other bloggers that attended this event were @theforkmiami, @thenaughtyfork, @mdouhw_eats, @thelatinafoodchronichles, @yelpmiami, and @themiamiherald, just to name a few.  We tried every sample that came out, and we even had seconds! The staff were welcoming and the service was great. They always came around to see if we’d like another sample, and we often said yes! Some of our personal favorites were the grilled Bleu N Bacon, the Pesto grilled cheese, and the Frito Papa grilled cheese. Not only was the service great, but while we waited for seconds to come around, we could play the board game classics, like battleships, chess, checkers, and waaaaaay more! My favorite sandwich was the bleu cheese/cream cheese mix with bacon. I thought the strong, salty flavor of bleu cheese was balanced with the cream cheese. The bacon added a nice crispness to the grilled cheese to top it all off. I strongly suggest that you go to this cheesy, crispy, yummy heaven when in a time of uncertainty of where you should go for lunch!

Above is a sample of the Pesto grilled cheese.

Nom Nom Nom,

Amelia Frias

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