Learning to make gnocchi at Spasso in Coconut Grove



Spasso chef Gaetano Ascione invited my sisters and me to learn two simple dishes that my dad, Carlos Frias, is going to write about in the Miami Herald for Mother’s Day. It will be in the newspaper on May 4.

The dish we made are different kinds of gnocchi form scratch, and a dessert called affogato, which is ice cream with a espresso coffee poured over the top.

Setting Up

What you see us doing here is getting ready to cook a two-course meal.You can not just start cooking. You need on put on your apron and wash your hands.


What you see use doing in this photograph is starting by making the dough for the gnocchi. Put flour, eggs, salt, Parmesan cheese, and ricotta to make the dough for the gnocchi.


Here you see we have finished the gnocchi and are ready to chomp down. Today we have made you a truffle gnocchi, a tomato sauce gnocchi, and the most simple one, the one with butter and sage.


It is time to eat the gnocchi. My favorite is the truffle. Elise’s favorite is the truffle too. Amelia’s favorite was the simple one with butter and sage. Chef’s favorite is the one with the tomato sauce. Well, that is it folks, for the blog today. See you next time. Bye now.

Written by: Cata la Rata

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