Three Little Forks Take a Bite Out of the BIG APPLE (and a few other things)


Hey guys! Today we want to talk about some of the great things we tried in New York.

Elise’s Take On NYC Food:

One fantastic place we ate at was Grimaldi’s Pizzeria. They are sure not to disappoint! Their Pizza Margherita was absolutely mouth-watering. It was basil and fresh mozzarella, which tasted better than it sounds to some of you. Not to mention wonderfully accompanied by a refreshing and crisp Stewarts’s Cream Soda.


 This is definitely a place worth visiting…twice!


Ami finds NYC SOUPer:

Hey! Now that you’ve heard boring ol’ Elise talk about pizza, I’m gonna tell you about the best place we went to in New York. It’s called… Mei Jin Ramen! I know, I know. You already know it’s great. It has “ramen” in the name, and everyone knows ramen is great. Below is the picture of ramen that we ate (that was super awesome)!


Now we have to get serious. We need to talk about all the OTHER awesome foods we ate. Like the tuna rice with avocados and onions. That was probably the best thing that we tasted! The rice was a weird purple, but it was also because it was flavored and tasted delicious. At first, I thought the tuna was tomatoes, but then I realized it was actually tuna, and, boy, was it good! And, of course, the Shishito peppers. I was scared to try it at first because I feared it would burn my tongue to ashes, but it actually was not that spicy and they were very delicious. Then, the yummy ice cream balls! There was matcha green tea flavor and mango flavor. There was a jelly-like outside and the ice cream was inside. SOOOOO YUMMY!!!! I recommend this to anyone in New York. Try the ramen!

Below are the ice cream balls.


Cata Easts Through the NYC Streets:

Let’s talk about something New York is famous for: STREET FOOD!


We walked through NYC and devoured the street food. Elise was having a lamb gyro with tzatziki sauce. She let me try it and it was mouth watering. I sure knew what was going it to my mouth next time I had street food. A LAMB GYRO! The lamb gyro was warm. It also did not take long to make. It came with a fork, but my brain was telling my to just throw it away and take a colossal bite so I obeyed happily! When I took that bite, I felt as if I were in heaven! It felt awesome eating something New York is famous for, street food. Everyone had felt so bad for me because I have never had street food, but now I can tell them I have! Smelling the food, I had already known it was going to be good!


Overall, New York, the Three Little Forks would like to say:


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