Baking Adventures

For my birthday the one thing I really wanted and kept asking my mom for was to learn how to use fondant.  Mom and my bonus dad then surprised me by signing me up for a three day tween baking camp at Sweet Life Cake and Candy Supply.  To begin with the place is a baker’s heaven.  They had every tool and supply to make any sweet concoction.  It was even decorated cute!  I learned to make the most amazing desserts and was even taught by the famous cake decorator herself Sweetie!  Check out how it went below….

Day 1:  I made cake pops.The cake pops where made with fondant, chocolate  and no frosting.The batter is a special batter that uses we used clear vanilla extract so the color is not weird when it comes out of the oven.The teachers were Ms.Cristina and Ms. Diandra. The cake pops I made are an owl, a ladybug on grass, a flower and the last one is a mix of them all.The owl was my personal favorite.  My older sister loved the mix one.My middle sister liked the ladybug. No one really liked my flower cake pop :(.  But they all tasted delicious.


Day 2:  I made an emoji/watermelon cake all by myself. It was made of white buttercream and vanilla cake. The process was long and difficult but very rewarding. I changed the face of my emoji to the silly face so mine would stand out. We also rolled out our own fondant, created the design, and enjoyed every minute of it.  The best part is that I wanted an emoji cake for my birthday which was a couple of days later so I got to make my own birthday cake!!!!



Day 3: Today I got to make a cookie pizza with a special guest Sandy Beltran professional cookie artist.  She tours the country teaching people how to decorate cookies and she taught me!  She goes by the name Sweetie and she taught us some pretty sweet decorating tips.  Sweetie taught us to make a olives, peppers and pepperoni for our cookie pizza.  We made the toppings out of fondant and Royal Frosting.  It looked like a real pizza except it was sweet.  My family was fighting over slices of this pizza pie!


This was the best camp I have ever been too and that is a big statement because I have been to MANY camps.  I want to go again!!!

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