Little Forks, Big Apple: Round 2

If you are a regular forks fan, you would know that about 6 months
ago, we visited New York and his some interesting pit stops. About a
month ago, we were back in New York for Round 2. Although it seems that
we hit all the best places, we missed some great ones.

One quite fascinating now was called Tasty Handmade Noodles. The name is pretty self-explanatory. They make homemade and hand-pulled noodles everyday, fresh! You can order your noodles any way you want, from super thick to ultra-thin. They also have  two option of noodles types: regular and rice. Oh, the amazing things you can do with noodles! You can order stir-fry or soup, or basically anything! And the best part is that you can see the chef make the noodles especially for you! The place is very casual, very small, but they have amazing service. Make sure you stop by on your way through Chinatown! 🍜

   Time to hit the market for lunch! Though, not just any old market: the Chelsea Market! This place has everything from lobster rolls to hamburgers to soups. A variety of options and food blog heaven! From appetizer to dessert, the Chelsea Market has you covered. Not only can you find scrumptious treats and snacks, you can also find knick knacks and trinkets at the small shops throughout the marketplace. It’s a fantastic place to stop by while you’re in the area! 🍔

Nom Nom Nom,

Ami and Cata

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