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Time Travel and Tasty Shakes at Vicky’s House

Next time you go to Lokal look for the secret door.  You heard me right!  There is a secret door that leads you to Vicky’s House.  Who is Vicky you ask…  She is the mother of Matt Kuscher the owner of Lokal.  Get ready to find something extraordinary. The owner of Lokal has recreated his childhood home. But in his home you will find something amazing.  Vicky’s house is no longer his actual house it is now the most incredible milkshake bar.  You enter through a telephone booth.  And to be honest I don’t ever remember really ever seeing one before.  Talk about an antique!

Matt Kuscher made Vicky’s House look like his own house in the 1980s. (Photo courtesy of Patrick Farrell of the Miami Herald)

When you walk in you feel like you’re in a different place and a different era. You will see a menu with crazy creations of Specialty Milkshakes like The Golden Girls, E.T. Goes to the Movies to Watch the Goonies, and finally my favorite The Breakfast Club.   In the Breakfast Club shake imagine all of your favorite  breakfast food items being put together to create a shake that tastes like no other.  A peanut butter coated edge with Captain Crunch stuck too it!  Maple syrup, whipped cream, bits of bacon and topped with a glazed donut, make this perfection.  I asked for them to hold on the little cup of Cuban Coffee that it includes because at 9…I really don’t need any more energy.


Just when you think it is over  you see the GAME ROOM!!!!! This is no ordinary game room it has old fashioned games like Mario Brothers and Galiga. We heard that when Vicky walked into the space she got very emotional. When I went to order the servers were so nice. Since I didn’t know where to start even eating my shake, one of the ladies that worked there gave me a tip on how to eat it. That restaurant is full of kindness and they are happy enough to share it with the world.  You really have to try this place.  You will feel like you are at someone’s house but a house with only the most amazing desserts.


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