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A Kiss For You, a Kiss For Me

Recently, my sisters and I have visited the Italian restaurant known as Due Baci, or two kisses, hence the name. What do you think when you hear “Italian?” Pasta with red sauce? Cheesy garlic rolls? Perhaps a meat-filled extra cheesy lasagna? Well, you know us forks. We DO NOT stick to the basics. Instead, we order Cacio e Pepe, or pasta with a pepper sauce, lobster and sweet potato gnocchi with a pink sauce, and a mushroom risotto. We also get a miniature prosciutto pizza and grilled octopus. Not your usual Italian meal, right? Well, it doesn’t end there.  We also took the liberty of ordering their tiramisu that was the GREATEST TIRAMISU OF ALL TIME and a fried focaccia that was like a fired dough covered in honey and roasted almonds with a side of vanilla ice cream. Now, it wasn’t exactly a traditional meal, but it was pretty darn good!!

below is a picture of our appetizers, the mini pizza and the octopus:

And we can’t forget the dessert:

Nom nom nom,


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