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Homemade Ceviche: A delicious, easy and healthy meal

On a stressful day, some people will order pizza or Chinese food in a desperate attempt to avoid cooking and wasting valuable time. However, breaking your healthy eating habits may not always be necessary on such occasions. An easy, delicious alternative to Ramen noodles or Stouffer’s Mac and Cheese could be made within half an… Continue reading Homemade Ceviche: A delicious, easy and healthy meal


Fragrant Flowers & Foreign Foods

“Light of the moon Moves west, flowers’ shadows Creep eastward”. –Basho Matsuo, 15th Century Poet This description perfectly fits the scenic gardens of serenity known as the Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens in Boca Raton. So I ask you: What better place to hold a Japanese Lantern Festival? Flowers and food alike, that was something… Continue reading Fragrant Flowers & Foreign Foods